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My book on the Himalayas

I worked on this book for almost seven years, and finally I finished it in the spring of 2020. It is close to 600 pages packed with pictures and information taking its starting point in my own adventures on the highest mountains on the planet. You get the exploration history of the Himalayas, the story of the ascents of the first major mountains, the early attempts on mountains like K2, Mount Everest and many others. There is success, hardship, and

Mount Everest earthquake

Bo in front of Mount Everest on The North Side 2015

April 25th 2015 an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale shook Eastern and Central Nepal including bordering areas of Tibet. I was climbing on the North Side of Mount Everest during the earthquake where the damages were not so severe. On the South Side of the mountain the earthquake started a major avalanche from the slopes of Pumori. The avalanche killed 19 people in Everest Basecamp and injured around 40 some of which severely. But the earthquake was

2013 Everest without oxygen

Bo gennem ishul Everest

Everest 2013 spring expedition. Bo Belvedere Christensen tried to become the first danish climber to summit without oxygen bottles. Bo led a tree man/woman expedition to the north side of Mt. Everest attempting the classical North Col route. The two participants, Rikke Hoejland and Martin Cederkrantz, reached the summit in late May, while Bo attempting without oxygen bottles was a few days behind. Luckily, Bo rescued two foreign climbers coming down from the summit totally exhausted. Unhappily, this meant that

Changtse 7543 meter

Bo on the summit of Changtse with Everest in the background

Succes on Changtse in the spring of 2013. Bo Belvedere Christensen leading an expedition to the North side of Mt. Everest attempted the Northern summit of Everest from the North Col during the acclimatisation to Everest. Climbing to around 7300 meter a few days previously Bo knew that the last part was going to be very steep climbing over broken ground. On May 16th 2013 he climbed the remaining part experiencing very dangerous rock condition on the last part. Climbing

Lhakpa Ri 7045 meter

During 2009 Bo Belvedere Christensen lead a succesful expedition to the 7045 meter high Everest neighbour Lhakpa Ri. On September 26th Bo and four of his clients reached the summit. Summit climbers were: Cecilia Emilia Hjort Frederiksen Rikke Højland Bent Nielsen Susanne Jakobsen The expedition was arranged by danish tour operator Kipling Travel in cooperation with Nepalese tour agent Explore Himalaya. Watch the video from the expedition on youtube