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My book on the Himalayas

I worked on this book for almost seven years, and finally I finished it in the spring of 2020. It is close to 600 pages packed with pictures and information taking its starting point in my own adventures on the highest mountains on the planet. You get the exploration history of the Himalayas, the story of the ascents of the first major mountains, the early attempts on mountains like K2, Mount Everest and many others. There is success, hardship, and

2013 Everest without oxygen

Bo gennem ishul Everest

Everest 2013 spring expedition. Bo Belvedere Christensen tried to become the first danish climber to summit without oxygen bottles. Bo led a tree man/woman expedition to the north side of Mt. Everest attempting the classical North Col route. The two participants, Rikke Hoejland and Martin Cederkrantz, reached the summit in late May, while Bo attempting without oxygen bottles was a few days behind. Luckily, Bo rescued two foreign climbers coming down from the summit totally exhausted. Unhappily, this meant that

Baruntse 7129 meter

In 2008 Bo Belvedere Christensen (BBC), one of the initiators of the Danish Himalayan Society, lead an expedition to the beatifull mountain, Baruntse. It was a very succesful expedition with the following achievements: BBC summited on May 15th together with 2 of his 4 clients. Furthermore the expedition summited Baruntse II as the first danish climbers. Baruntse II is 6720 meters high. During acclimatisation the group reached Mera Peak Central (6461 meter) and Mera Peak North (6476 meter). Bo and

Danga 6238 meter

Only four days after the succesful ascent of the virgin mountain Pandra, the tree climbers Allan Christensen, Jan Mathorne, and Bo Belvedere Christensen did it again; climbed a previously unascended mountain. This time the goal was the 6238 meter high Danga southwest of Pandra in the Northeastern Nepal close to the border to Tibet and Sikkim. They left the bivuak at app. 5200 meter at around tree o’clock in the morning together with Henrik Jessen Hansen, who unfortunately had to

Broad Peak 8047 meter

After several attempts failing due to bad weather and illness the Danish Karakoram Expedition consisting of Henrik Jessen Hansen (leader), Kim Sejberg, Jan Mathorne, and Bo Belvedere Christensen finally got started on the summit attempt on July 17th 1994. The climbers use the following camps: Camp 1 at approximately 5800 meters reached on July 17th. Camp 2 at approximately 6250 meters reached on July 18th and stay July 19th. Camp 3 at approximately 7000 meters reached on July 20th and

Ama Dablam even more succes

One week after the first two danish climbers Søren Smidt and Bo Belvedere Christensen reached the summit of Ama Dablam two more climbers from the Danish Himalayan Expedition reached the top. Jan Mathorne and Henrik Jessen Hansen stayed more than half an hour to take photographs and they were in touch with expedtion leader Casper Sutton in basecamp via walkie talkie, confirming the huge succes of the expedition. Now four out of 6 possible climbers have reached the summit.

Ama Dablam succes

On October 11th the two danish climbers Søren Allan Smidt and Bo Belvedere Christensen reached the summit of Ama Dablam reaching 6812 meter. Ama Dablam hadn’t been attempted the previous one and a half year and the last expedition to attempt it was struck by accident. The two climbers left from a bivuak on the hanging glacier at app. 6400 meter early morning and reached the summit around 11 am.