2013 Everest without oxygen

Everest 2013 spring expedition.

Bo Belvedere Christensen tried to become the first danish climber to summit without oxygen bottles. Bo led a tree man/woman expedition to the north side of Mt. Everest attempting the classical North Col route.

The two participants, Rikke Hoejland and Martin Cederkrantz, reached the summit in late May, while Bo attempting without oxygen bottles was a few days behind. Luckily, Bo rescued two foreign climbers coming down from the summit totally exhausted. Unhappily, this meant that Bo was too exhausted to continue his own summit attempt and turned back hoping for another go.

But moonson closed in on Everest and there were to be no further summit attempts. Therefore, Bo in his third attempt on Everest without oxygen again had to capitulate. He will attempt again in 2014 or 2015 given support from sponsors.

Bo have now reached the following heights on Everest without oxygen:

  • 2013: 7900 meter
  • 2000: 8100 meter
  • 1996: 8450 meter (in second attempt this year)
  • 1996: 7900 meter (first attempt this year)

Expeditions in 1996 and 2000 were arranged by The Danish Himalayan Society.

Mt. Everest from the North in the early morning light

Mt. Everest from the North in the early morning light