My book on the Himalayas

I worked on this book for almost seven years, and finally I finished it in the spring of 2020.

It is close to 600 pages packed with pictures and information taking its starting point in my own adventures on the highest mountains on the planet. You get the exploration history of the Himalayas, the story of the ascents of the first major mountains, the early attempts on mountains like K2, Mount Everest and many others.

There is success, hardship, and tragic disasters, some from the early history of climbing, some so late that I participated in it.

The images of the book are both historic as well as from my own prolonged periods in these amazing mountains. In total I spent more than 6 years climbing, trekking and exploring in the Himalayas from the westernmost parts in the Karakorams of Pakistan, through the Indian Ladakh region until the eastern part of Nepal close to the border to Sikkim where the mighty, third heighest mountain in the world, Kangchenjunga, resides.

The cover of the book displaying both front and back. As you can se from the cover, the book is written in danish, but don’t dispair, I’m in the process of making an english edition, although it will take a while.

The book has received very positive reviews, and has sold pretty well. It is definitely not only for mountaineers and armchair mountaineers, but also for people interested generally in exploration and with a historic interest.

The above image shows the “prototypes” of the book used in a kickstarter campaign to gather money for the actual publishing. The campaign was succesful in reaching 150% of the goal, and I am grateful for the support, enabling me to finish the book and publish it.

The danish version and my other books (also quite a lot in english) is available from the publisher BoD both in printed as well as eBok version: BoD bookshop

I hope you will support my work and buy the book.