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My book on the Himalayas

I worked on this book for almost seven years, and finally I finished it in the spring of 2020. It is close to 600 pages packed with pictures and information taking its starting point in my own adventures on the highest mountains on the planet. You get the exploration history of the Himalayas, the story of the ascents of the first major mountains, the early attempts on mountains like K2, Mount Everest and many others. There is success, hardship, and

Pandra 6673 meter

First ascents of a Himalayan peak Three expedition climbers Allan Christensen, Jan Mathorne and Bo Belvedere Christensen attained the summit of the 6673 m Pandra in alpine style. The climb was graded TD- and was completed in the second attempt. The route follows a long glacier covered in rolling blocks, up a steep side to a ramp leading to a white glacier. Here we had a bivuak below a large boulder, then followed the white glacier to a small side moraine